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——11. 1st Floor Hang Out 1F Ch3 [HO 1F]——-[Hangout 1F_Ch3]–Wharf—————N “Green” HQ. Trigger: Pass through the Tunnel {Ask about method to pass through(?)} )    Drifter|Mercenary|Assassin Gloves [B]; Ritual Mittens [B]Notes: All gloves are NPC-grade (i.e. Some Rank 5+ scrolls previously sold pre-7.926 patch (mostly buffs): Cripple Shot {5}, Amplified Effect {6}, Evasion {7}, Power Kick {8}(?) ), Finding the Image Expert >Ask about the lost child, Visit the Cleaner [TH] >Ask about the lost children, Visit the Hotdog Hawker & ask for news about the lost children, Sending the Proposal to the Police [TH] >Pass the Prospectus(? ***ExtraStage C Grade Event [Tuesday 7PM GMT+8]***, – (3)(*)Request of Ami (C) Prereq: lvl 1-100 From: Ami [Practicing Yard] (22,20) [Tuesday 7PM GMT+8] Req: Time Restriction: 1 hour 10 minutes * Find a citizen; Talk to Extra Citizen [N-PracticingYard] (22,16) who will spawn after the last wave of Stage 4 mobs. Periodic system announcements, instructions & warnings are automatically generated by the server. – The corresponding quest for SG is “Purifying Study Classroom Center 1” . ?—-Stage 2 Guard Captain—–[N-PracticingYard]———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S ?? Finding the Physics Teacher [Respective Hole] >Check on the shouting, The Permanent Skill Test; Eliminate Barba [15] |Cordy [15], The Confirmation of the Test Result; Talk to Physics Teacher [Respective Hole] w/in 40 minutes >Verify the Examination result, Visit the Technical Teacher(MP) >Collect Unverified Currency Notes, Delivering the Unverified Currency Notes to the Student Director [MP] >Submit Unverified Notes(? >Pass the Death Flame Fragments. Zheng Armors ——C. Map & NPC Lists for detailed map info. See Quest Details. [Wharf] (92,37) >Ask what happened on that day. Reward: Back point Pass [6](7D) (not for sale) {Non-trade, Restricted to inventory, 7-day duration}, Reward: Exp 22000, Attribute 5, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1 Trigger: Accept order [Eliminate Bombs]. >Sure. Other possible spots (e.g. ), Go and find Black Wing of Priest >Pass the message to Carl Sheldon. Boss mobs from Destiny Boxes (Oh No!) Mobs up to Stage 3 are mob bosses and are quite killable. ?—-Dark Swordsman Jr.——–[MP,PX,SG & Holes](Area Boss) 42—-Blood Drinker————-[MP,PX,SG Hole] 44—-Swordee Ardee————-[MP,PX,SG Hole] 47—-Drunkard——————[MP,PX,SG Hole]————–Abnormal ————————-Poison 48—-Cement Worker————-[PX Hole] 50—-Uncle Potato————–[MP,PX,SG Hole]————–lvl 1-50 50—-Welder——————–[MP,PX Hole] 50—-Fiery Chef—————-[MP,PX Hole]—————–Aggressive 52—-Welding Master————[MP,PX Hole]—-(Mob Boss)—Aggressive ——Also Oh No! – (*){Moon Bear Thanksgiving Quest} <> Prereq: (? Reward: Basic Upgrade Set Trigger: Ask about stone related >Next Page >Agree {(? )}; Tremor, Vigor Explosion, Berserk Aura 12    117    Lightspeed; Thunder Strike, Vacuum Slash, Crescent Slash; Force Punch, Ankle Crush, Force Roar; Slow, Tiger’s Rage {Tiger Strike(? Don’t forget to complete the first objective before heading out to the Trapper Plant(s). ?—Violent Baldie—————————-(Oh No! Fencing. ), BIRANN,oo @ Biology and Chemical Laboratory (13,27)(? Certain scrolls are in high demand because the quests are difficult, there are multiple skills for that particular Rank & only 1 quest, or people don’t usually level in the mob drop areas. Furious Chef ** ————————————— Spawn Points: – MP Hole: w/ Fiery Chefs around Large-Scale Trading Hall 2. =============================================== *C. EP 6-3 New Quest Helper Skill Point Quests* ===============================================, – Starting Battle Abilities Verification I Prereq: lvl 163 * Kill Fire Ninja [3] * Pass to SkillPoint Helper for verification results. Small HP Recovery Potion [30] added, Reward: Gold 2800 Trigger: Collect Bandages, Reward: Exp 2400, 2 Spiritual Spheres, Training Gloves {lvl:18 def:3}, Spike Stick(?) MP|PX quest patched 12/05/08, w/ acquisition from the Market College Representative. If you’re not pressed for time, just level at your own pace. )    Drifter|Mercenary|Assassin Gloves [D]; Ritual Mittens [D] 11    (? Special Events Quests/Tasks: ——–1. Players can opt to kill the spawned mobs for a chance to get dropped refines & gold. ), Find the copy spirit of Director; Go to Another W North (33/29)(?) Prereq: lvl 52 |lvl 53 From: Physics Teacher [Respective Hole], , Attribute 5, Life Point 5, Skill Point 1 Trigger:Accept order (Eliminate Hell Scissors)|Accept order (Purify Junk Car Yard)|Accept order [Defeat Freezing Halogen], Reward: Exp 10000, Gold 20000 Notes: Former missing quest for MP <>. ——5. Gunner armor does not have resistance [+9](?). Notes: Refine pills used to clear elemental effects (like paralysis from elec of SGD) can be bought from the Nurse (Ring). Those should normally have a “Give Up” option in case you weren’t able to complete them in time and would like to clear your Quest Tab. RAN GS GAMEPLAY -+15 MAX UPGRADE SET AND WEAPON -FARM / HUNT BASED -BOSS HOLD ( LEVELING ) -CRAFTING ( Accesories ) -COMBO BASED / POTS BASED -FIXED MOTHERFUCKIN … Attain Level 11 Gift Box replaced Sports Gloves[+3] {lvl:11 def:2(+6)} The Gift Box contains 3 sets of uniform – one for each school, Prereq: lvl 9, completed “Purifying the Study Classroom Center 2” From: autoquest or Study Classroom Center 2 (68,19)|1 (112,50) Terminal, |1 Terminal >Confirm PurificationReward: Exp 1400, Gold 3000, 1 Spiritual Sphere Trigger: Study Classroom Center 2 2nd Purification| Study Classroom Center 1 Purification|Study Classroom Center 2 Purification(?) 3rd Floor Prison————————[Prison]———-T3Pass,PTZ———-NE Prison 2 [P2]—————–[PrisonII]——–Prison————–E mid-near Amanuoruoyin Middle Hole [MH]————–[Middle Hole]—–TH——————N Root Hole [RH]—————-[Root Hole]——-MH, HB UG———–N Prison Test Zone [PTZ]——–[PrisonTestZone]–Prison————–N Prison Test Zone II [PTZ 2]—[PrisonTestZoneII]PTZ—————–S near PTZ entrance Laboratory 7 [Lab7]———–[Labatory7]——-PTZ—————–N nice spelling Cube Map [Cube]—————[Cube Map]——–Campus1F————E mid Gunner Cube——————-[Gunner Cube]—–Cube(71,92)———East gate Swordsman Cube—————-[Swordsman Cube]– Shaman Cube——————-[Shaman Cube]—– Center of Cube—————-[Center of Cube]– Archer Cube——————-[Archer Cube]—– Brawler Cube——————[Brawler Cube]—- Head B 1F [Head.B 1F]———[Head.B 1F]——-RH,HB 30F,HB UG—–E Head B 30F [Head.B 30F]——-[Head.B 30F]——HB 1F,HB 50F Head B 50F [Head.B 50F]——-[Head.B 50F]——HB 30F,HB 90F Head B 51F [Head.B 51F]——-[Head.B 51F]——HB 50F————–Instance map no mini-map Head B 90F [Head.B 90F]——-[Head.B 90F]——HB 50F Head B Left Wall [Left Wall]–[Head.B Left Wall]HB 90F————–N Only during quest Head B Right Wall [Right Wall][Head.B RightWall]HB 90F(22,8)——–S Only during quest Head B Underground [Head.B UG][Head.B U-ground]-HB 1F(15,22) Director Room—————–[Director Room]—HB 90F(24,29)——-during quest, no mobs Director Room—————–[Director Room](? Terminal >Confirm PurificationReward: Exp 4000, Copper Ring {acc(+1) def(+1)}, Majestic Dagger {lvl:26 atk:17~31 atk dis:3 acc:12 eva:12} Trigger: Student Center 1 Purification| News Center Purification|Science Center Purification(?) Will I lose any skill points/skills if I reset? box} {Ask about the situation(?)} Quests from New Skill Helper which cannot be activated/confirmed: (after killing the respective bosses)(? Finding Technical Teacher [Respective Hole] >Request for Bus’ Spare Parts, Deliver Component to Bus Driver [Respective Hole] >Passing the Spare Parts| Present the Spare Parts|, Visit the Construction Supervisor [Respective Hole] >Bus Driver’s Request, Finding the Technical Teacher [Respective Hole] >Request for Generator’s Spare Parts, Searching for the Generator Parts [1] from Marionette |Cement Fatty {Construction Site}|Fatty Bom-Bom, Delivering the Generator Parts to Construction Supervisor [Respective Hole] >Pass the Spare Parts|, Recycling the Empty Bottles [20] from Chicken & Stray Dog, Delivering the Empty Bottles to Cleaner [MP] >Delivering the Recycled Trash, Recycling the Empty Bottles [20] from Sanitizer, Delivering the Empty Bottles to Cleaner [PX] >Delivering Recycled Trash(? >Next Page >Next Page >Accept Request Notes: Tests your knowledge of Geography (i.e. CODE Char => SP(lvl) + SP(qsts) +  SP(NQH) = Total Number of Lvl               cumulative            Skill Points ——————————————— 2    =>  1      +    2     +     0    = 3 30   =>  29     +    2     +    12    = 43 39   =>  38     +    6     +    14    = 58 46   =>  45     +    7     +    18    = 70 53   =>  52     +    8     +    20    = 80 62   =>  61     +    9     +    22    = 92 63   =>  62     +   10     +    22    = 94 66   =>  65     +   11     +    22    = 98 75   =>  74     +   12     +    22    = 108 78   =>  77     +   13     +    22    = 112 97   =>  96     +   13     +    22    = 131 112  =>  111    +   16     +    22    = 149 125  =>  124    +   19     +    22    = 165 127  =>  126    +   19     +    22    = 167 132  =>  131    +   23     +    22    = 176 144  =>  143    +   28     +    22    = 193 148  =>  147    +   30     +    22    = 199 157  =>  156    +   30     +    22    = 208 163  =>  162    +   30     +    22+3  = 217 165  =>  164    +   30     +    22+12 = 228 167  =>  166    +   30     +    22+25 = 243 175  =>  174    +   30     +    22+25 = 251 185  =>  184    +   30     +    22+25 = 261 195  =>  194    +   30     +    22+25 = 271 200  =>  199    +   30     +    22+25 = 276 205  =>  204    +   30     +    22+25 = 281 210  =>  209    +   30     +    22+25 = 286 230  =>  229    +   30     +    22+25 = 306Notes: It’s highly unlikely that “The Force Field Authentication” will be complete @ lvl 2, but I hope you get the picture. ?—Glamour Killer————[T4Pass]——–(Area Boss) ————————-mugonpa(-def) ?? Reward: Exp 10000 Trigger: Ask about item mixing. It’s only the detailed quest objective that has the typo. ==================================================== ***** RAN ONLINE PH Comprehensive Quest Guide ****** =================== (unofficial) =================== ********************** v.3.12 ********************** ************** compiled by: skyhiker *************** ==================================================== INDEX: I—-BUGGED QUESTS: ——A. ), Searching for the First Evidence information {Drifter Coat} @ HO 1F_Ch1 (7,17), Searching for the Second Evidence info {Gloves} @ HO 1F_Ch1 (13,17), Searching for the Third Evidence info {Brandishment dagger} @ HO 1F_Ch1 (11,14), Collecting All the Evidences; Approach Police [Wharf] (95,37), Searching for the Keys [5] from Death Reaper, Violent Baldie, Violent Girl or Ninja(M) @ HO_2F, Repairing the Keys; Talk to Warehouse Keeper [Wharf] >Show curving key, Identify the Keys; Talk to Police [Wharf] >Identify the keys {Show the key(? ?—-Stage 1 Master Fencer—–[N-PracticingYard]———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S ? If this was skipped, you can try & check if the quest is available from the Construction Supervisor after every 39 levels in Ch 0. ALL quests are doable @ their prereq level using ANY class. Reward: Gold 50000, Fine Burr, Luxury Protection Potion Notes: Entrance to B1 is @ the central northernmost part of Leo 2F. See Spiritual Sphere Quests AND, Buy the scrolls from NPCs (Campus Instructor etc.). )}, Looking for the Surveillance Video from Bunny Girl, Ninja(F) & Steel Head @ 3F [HO 3F], Returning the Surveillance Record to Suspicious Folk >Pass cassette {Pass the Cassette(? >Let me give you a Notes: Millenium Love is a tradable (& upgradable) necklace. Became an autoquest sometime EP 3 (possibly to prevent skipping this quest if “The Physics Teacher’s Test” quest was already completed). )—–Aggressive ——EP6-1 boss Chain Keeper 109—Golf Bomber—————[TH,CP2]———————Aggressive ————————-Fire 109—IronMan28—————–[Leo 3F]———————Aggressive 111—Slayers——————-[Leo B2] 111—Evil Ronin—————-[Shibuya] 112—Hell Hound—————-[Leo B2,T3Pass]————–Running ————————-Fire 113—Fiery Ali—————–[Leo B2]———————Weapon ————————-Fire 113—Hunk Baldie—————[TH,CP]———————-Aggressive ——(blueish)———-Faint 114—Vengeful Spirit———–[Leo B2,T3Pass]————–Abnormal 114—Violent Baldie————[TH,CP]———(Mob Boss)—Aggressive ——Also Oh No! You will be teleported automatically to the normal Practicing Yard @ the end of the Event. Text chat (i.e. Kill Vampire(M) [50] {upper right side} [Leo 2F], Golf Bomber fight, please. You can use this card (identical to New Character Card) to create your Extreme char @ lvl 190 (reduced from lvl 195 Gunner Patch). Report back to Siu Er. Combine this w/ the Millenium Love for a better reward. )|Request to Pass through the Main Gate Notes: Duplicate quest for new chars just after EP 3 patch <>. ——8. Can ENTER N-Practicing Yard ONLY DURING this event. dying @ any time while quest is active). Visit the Physics Teacher(SG) {Sacred Rotary/Ring} >Ask about the Experiment Object. ?—-Stage 1 Bruiser———–[N-PracticingYard]———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S ? New Quest Helper Skill Quests Tips, Reward: Oblivion E(Event) {Non-trade, Restricted to inventory, 15-day duration} Trigger: Start Oblivion E Notes: This Obli E has no level restriction, Reward: Taxi Card [5/5] {Non-trade, Restricted to inventory} Trigger: The Taxi System. Quests exclusive to specific schools w/ no corresponding equivalents: All bugged quests have been fixed. Look for Mr. No-Name. Dedication —————-USING THIS GUIDE:—————- Quests may vary by SCHOOL , by CLASS and/or by GENDER . Don’t forget the other enhancements too (Buddy Transmission Card, Start Point Pass, Back Point Pass), if you have them. Farmers can defer income taxes to a future year by taking advantage of tax law provisions that give them favorable tax treatment. Collect 5 ExtraS Ticket Pieces for entry to ExtraStage S. WARNING: Extra Citizen will appear for ONLY 2 minutes. Just by reaching lvl 66, you may get the scrolls for Ranks 1-8 (lvl 1-77!). – (3)(*){Trade 5 ExtraS Ticket Pieces w/ Ami for ExtraS Entry Card} Prereq: lvl 171, ExtraS Ticket Piece [5/5] From: Ami [Practicing Yard] (22,20) [Sunday 7PM GMT+8] Trigger: Exchange to Entry Extra S card Reward: ExtraStageS Box {lvl:1} Notes: Unpack (right-click) the ExtraStageS Box for the ExtraS Entry Card {20-min duration}, – (3)(*)Request of Ami (S) Prereq: lvl 171, ExtraS Entry Card From: Ami [Practicing Yard] (22,20) [Sunday 7PM GMT+8] Req: Time Restriction: 1 hour 10 minutes * Find a citizen; Talk to Extra Citizen [N-PracticingYard] (22,16) who will spawn after the wave of Stage 7 mobs. “Team Agility” Scroll from the Shaman Instructor. {Collect the clues of password by going clockwise around HeadB.30F}, Booooo @ Chemistry Laboratory A (22,9)(? )—–Aggressive ——EP6-1 boss Saint Gambler 180—Dark Arts Master———-[Leo B3]——–(Area Boss)–Aggressive ————————-; def/int 180—Guillotine Master———[Prison,RH]—–(Area Boss)–Aggressive ——{Escaped Prisoner} 180—Guillotine Master———[MH]————(Area Boss)–Aggressive 181—Fire Ninja—————-[RH] ————————-Fire 182—Ice Inducer—————[RH]————————-Aggressive ————————-Ice 182—Bilanggo——————[RH]————(Area Boss)–Aggressive ——Int 185—Haring Braso————–[RH]————————-Aggressive ——{bouncing king boxer} 188—Pretty Veyah————–[RH]————————-Aggressive ——Int ?? ), – PX Campus: w/ (mostly) Street Junkies & Sluggers around Left Wing Tower|w/ Street Junkies, Sluggers & Brute Punks around Right Wing Tower, – SG Campus: w/ (mostly) Street Junkies around Dormitory|w/ Street Junkies, Gangsters & Sluggers around Society Room, Spawn Time gap: Quite long ~ hours(?) ——4. Mob List & XI. ?—Abandoned Child ?? >Tell her not to worry. )|, Student Director’s Test Notes: You already will be level 2 after completing “Student’s Registration”, Reward: Bread [2], Small MP Recovery Potion [2], Small SP Recovery Potion [2] Trigger: Nurse’s Request Notes: This quest will be skipped if not taken between lvl 1-10, Reward: Elite Uniform(Cloth) {lvl:120 def:22 eva:2 res:10 def(+2) int(+7) MP RR:0.06%}, Elite Uniform(Pants) {lvl:120 def:21 eva:2 res:10 def(+2) int(+7) MP RR:0.06%}, Elite Uniform(Shoes) {lvl:120 def:17 eva:1 res:5 def(+1) int(+3) MP RR:0.05%} Trigger: Ask about the new uniform. Gold 2000 replaced Cotton Gloves {B} {lvl:8 def:1}, Reward: Exp 1100, Attain Level 11 Gift Box {Sophomore Coat lvl:13 def:4 eva:-1, Sophomore Pants|Skirt lvl:14 def:3 eva:-1} Notes: Reward changed EP 7 v 928(?) Learning the Rank 14 Reviver (Shaman) & resetting to get Concentrate Evasion (Archer). >Ask where they are. Votes 0. Total Skill Points Acquired thru Leveling + All Quests ——B. Enhancements & Usable Cards ——D. I think. Other bugs (Technical issues etc.) Directions (map refers to the mini-map, for orientation purposes): Maps (for XII. Box Contents|Item Equivalents VII—****Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)**** ——1. This is a beginner's guide to RAN Online, which, if you log in, you will find that it has very little / no tutorial whatsoever. Traversing thru Maps using Bus Stops & Taxi Card etc. Find the Student Director of Sacred Gate Campus >Ask about Leonair College ID Card, Find the location of the Elevator to B2 @ Leo 3F {from 1F->2F, cross the to 3F}. Head./ ————————————————-of Entry (coords)—Notes/Descriptive Loc —————————————————————– Market————————[MarketPlace]—–Campus,E-Room Front-Has Upper Market (2) Wedding Hall——————[WeddingHall]—–Market————–South Campus Square Shibuya———————–[Shibuya]———Market————–SW Campus Square Shibuya 2 [S2]—————-[ShibuyaII]——-Market(41,19)——-SE Campus Square Shibuya 3 [S3]—————-[ShibuyaIII]——Market————–SW Campus Square Evil Zone———————[Evil Zone]——-{use map card}——Exit to Market(34,37) Mystic Peak Campus [MP]——-[MP_Campus]——-Market,MP Hole MP Campus 1F——————[MP_Campus1F]—–MP——————S Study Classroom Center 2——[StudyRoom2]——MP——————SW Mystic Peak Road Study Classroom Center 1——[StudyRoom1]——MP——————SE Mystic Peak Road Art Center——————–[ArtCentre]——-MP——————E mid-Open-air Platform Library———————–[Library]———MP——————W mid-Open-air Platform Students Center 1————-[StudentCentre1]–MP——————NW Sports Field Students Center 2————-[StudentCentre2]–MP——————NE Sports Field Dormitory [Dorm]————–[Dormitory]——-MP——————NW Students Center 1 2nd Dormitory [2nd Dorm]——[2nd Dormitory]—MP(58,20)———–SW not in mini-map Phoenix Campus [PX]———–[PhoenixCampus]—Market,PX Hole PX Campus 1F——————[PhoenixCampus1F]-PX——————S Study Classroom Center 2——[StudyRoom2]——PX——————SW Phoenix Left Bridge Study Classroom Center 1——[StudyRoom1]——PX——————SE Phoenix Left Bridge Renovation Center————-[RenovationCentre]PX——————E Right Wing Tower Science Center—————-[ScienceCentre]—PX——————E Phoenix Right Bridge Laboratory——————–[Laboratory]——PX——————mid SW Sports Field Practice Center—————[PracticeRoom]—-PX——————mid SE Sports Field Auxiliary Supplies Room——-[SuppliesRoom]—-PX——————NW Basketball Court Library———————–[Library]———PX——————NE Basketball Court Dormitory [Dorm]————–[Dormitory]——-PX——————mid-W PX Right Bridge Sacred Gate Campus [SG]——-[SG_Campus]——-Market,SG Hole SG Campus 1F——————[SG_Campus1F]—–SG——————S Study Classroom Center 1——[StudyRoom1]——SG——————SW Sacred Gate Tower Study Classroom Center 2——[StudyRoom2]——SG——————SE Sacred Gate Tower Study Classroom Center 3——[StudyRoom3]——SG——————W Dragon Head Pavillion History Center—————-[HistoryCentre]—SG——————E Dragon Head Pavillion Library———————–[Library]———SG——————E History Center Society Room——————[SocietyRoom]—–SG——————E Dragon Head Pavillion Science Center—————-[ScienceCentre]—SG(78,69)———–mid-E Sports Field Dormitory [Dorm]————–[Dormitory]——-SG——————W Study Classroom Ctr 3 Practicing Yard—————[PracticingYard]–Campus————–E mid-Parking Bay Mystic Peak Hole [MP Hole]—-[MysticPeakHole]–Campus,SG Hole Phoenix Hole [PX Hole]——–[PhoenixHole]—–Campus,SG Hole Sacred Gate Hole [SG Hole]—-[SacredGateHole]–Campus,MP|PX Hole SG Hole Tunnel [SGPassage]—-[SG HolePassage]–SG Hole(72,149)—–N Only during quest Leonair Campus [Leo]———-[LeonineCampus]—SG Hole————-NE Leo Campus 1F [Leo 1F]——–[LeonineCampus1F]-Leo,Leo 2F———-N Main Center Leo Campus 2F [Leo 2F]——–[LeonineCampus2F]-Leo 1F,Leo 3F——-NW Leo Basement 1 [Leo B1]——-[LeonineCampusB1]-Leo 2F————–N mid Leo Campus 3F [Leo 3F]——–[LeonineCampus3F]-Leo 2F,Leo B2——-NE Leo Basement 2 [Leo B2]——-[LeonineCampusB2]-Leo 3F————–N mid Leo B3 [B3]——————-[LeonineCampusB3]-Leo B2————–NW Trading Hole [TH]————-[TradingHole]—–SG Hole,MH,T3P,T4P,Wharf-N Carpark [CP1]—————–[Carpark 1]——-TH(77,138)———-NW Carpark 2 [CP2]—————[Carpark 2]——-TH(73,144)———-NW T3Passage———————[Trading3Passage]-TH——————NE T4Passage———————[Trading4Passage]-TH——————NE Wharf Passage [Wharf]———[WharfPassage]—-TH——————NW Hang Out 1F Ch1 [HO 1F]——-[Hangout 1F_Ch1]–Wharf—————N “Green” HQ. If there are no mobs mentioned after the map, it probably means All mobs (or needs verification). ): Notes: Common Map name abbreviations are covered in the XI. Go to Director Room (20,22) near Director Private Sanctum, Go to 1F; Enter portal to Head.B 1F from Director Room (20,22), Find the entrance of Underground Laboratory; Go to Head.B 1F (18,21), Find the Password {Shredded Pieces of a Letter} [1] from mobs in 30F, 50F & 90F {Cannon, Black Cannon, Sergeant etc.}. Go to the north end of Head.B Left Wall (33,51) towards the Director Room portal, Find a information that can be clue. ?—Ninja Knife {Big}———[Shibuya]——-(Area Boss)–Aggressive ?? BUGGED. ?—Elite Halogen————-[T4Pass] ?? Find Time capsule; Numbers & locations vary by class in TH golf course NineHall Club: Find Time capsule 1 right-most hole of first row (105,164), Find Time capsule 2 middle hole of first row (95,165), Find Time capsule 3 left-most hole of first row (84,164), Find Time capsule 4 in the right-most hole of second row (116,170) <, Find Time capsule 5 middle hole of second row (92,170)(? Creating a new character just for the scrolls: As long as your characters are in the same server & using the same account, they will share the same locker & bank, regardless of school. Total Skill Points Acquired thru Leveling + All Quests, 3. PH and TH Key for Non Donor. Our farm and ranch agents are part of your community. for the lvl 160 quest “Collect back Counterfeit Money”: – Real in-game quest Topic is “Snatch back the Counterfeit Money” – In-game objective Detail is “Collect 10 Counterfeit Money from the Assassins” – Quest guide version of the objective is “Snatch back the Counterfeit Money {Unconfirmed Currency} [10] from Verdugo & Sword Assassin” – i.e. ), Acquiring a Registration Form from Archery Instructor (10,15) >Issue Registration form, Confirm the location of the Conference Room (25,20) @ Grade 1 Information Room terminal >Retrieve Information, Final Confirmation from Archery Instructor (10,15) >Issue Exit Approval Form(? Reward: Exp 1100, Sports Gloves[+4] {lvl:11 def:2(+8)}, Small HP Recovery Potion [30] Notes: Reward changed EP 7 v 928(?) )—–Aggressive ——EP6-1 boss Shocker-Elec ? ———1. – (7)Love of the Millennium <> Prereq: lvl 90 From: Ghost(M) [Market] (27,36) * Vampire fight, please. You’ll get 5 pieces for the initial quest, & 1 card for every stack of 10 Old Books you get from dormitory Trash. Special Agent’s Test; Eliminate Sacred Gate Defender [20]. ?—Mad Glamour Killer——–[T4Pass]——–(Area Boss) ————————-mugonpa(-def) 116—Fisherman—————–[Wharf]———————-Abnormal ————————-Poison 118—Storage Guard————-[Wharf]———————-Weapon ————————-Elec 119—Skater Hoodlum————[Shibuya]——————–Aggressive ————————-Faint 120—Gas Technician————[Wharf] ————————-Fire 120—Baboy Lason—————[Leo B3]———————Abnormal ————————-Poison 120—Vicious Mummy————-[Leo B3]———————Aggressive ————————-Poison; -/Fire 122—Vicious Sailor————[Wharf] 123—Bandit——————–[Wharf]———————-Weapon ————————-Faint 125—Nameless Undead———–[Leo B3]———————Aggressive ————————-Poison; -/Fire 125—Knife Queen—————[Shibuya]——————–Aggressive 127—Violent Baldie————[Wharf,HO 1-3F]————–Aggressive ——(no shirt)———Faint 127—Captain Sailor————[Wharf]———(Oh No! Non-mobile mobs are noted as “Stationary”. Incredibly ROUGH estimates, I could be WAY off. Need help(?) Reward: Skill Point 3 Trigger: Starting Battle Abilities Verification I, > Prereq: lvl 164 From: autoquest or Police [RH], Reward: Exp 20000 Trigger: Ask fires accident >Start ‘collect fireworks’, Reward: Skill Point 4 Trigger: Starting Battle Abilities Verification II, > Prereq: lvl 165 From: autoquest or College Representative [Market]. 2 (56,85), Looking for the Generator Components in ship @ Wharf No. Holes(strt|mid|end) refers to the start|middle|end of MP & PX Holes. [23/23] Confirm Eliminate Boss – Dark Swordsman Jr. Non-redoable quests after failure. SG triggers have periods (E.g. Has no “Give Up” option. Please register to post and access all features, it's quick, easy and FREE! How come the level compensation quests aren’t for EVERYONE? 2 (49,86), Looking for the Generator Components in ship @ Wharf No. E.g. Notes: Reward possibly changed EP 7 v 928(? {String} [1] from Skating Master. Kill Violent Girl [120] {NOT Violent Baldie <. ), Final Confirmation from Brawler Instructor (11,7) >Final Authentication(? wweeEE?? SGW used to be mob drop in Prison, Rank 9 used to be rare (Small Pox(?)). )Ask about the favor Notes: Can ENTER Another World North DURING quest. Corner of west road going north, – PX Hole: w/ Fiery Chefs, Welders, Blood Hungers, Cordys & Sanitizers street west of 3rd Industrial Zone to 4th Industrial Zone‘s Bus Stop, No Spawn Point in SG Hole Spawn Time gap: Quite short ~less than an hour(?) >Ask about special traveler.(? Look for Weapon Shop Owner in Middle Hole >Show the Stone, Retrieve 10 pieces of weapons {M16} from Machinary Thief {Corrupted Parak}, Returning the Weapons to Weapon Shop Owner >Pass the weapons, Look for Remaining Clues; Find WSO’s friend @ MH (100,25), Look for Remaining Clues; Find WSO’s friend @ MH (97,20), Look for Remaining Clues; Find WSO’s friend @ MH (85,20), Look for Remaining Clues; Find WSO’s friend @ MH (84,26), Convey the Remaining Clues to Weapon Shop Owner >Pass Trails of person you are looking for, Investigate the Scene of Incident [MH] (91,29), Report Status to TH Police Station and report of Middle Hole situation >Report Middle Hole’s situation, Obtain Confidential Information from the Lard {Panday Taba}, Submit Retrieved Documents to TH Police >Give back document, Examine the Scene of Incident at Middle Hole (92,30), Report Content of Investigation to TH Police >Inform Middle Hole report content, Secure evidence by retrieving 6 spare parts from the vicinity of the blazing fires; [6] from car “Fire”s, Present Evidence to the Police Station [TH] >Show the item, Request to Repair Walkie Talkie from Image Expert, Look for Spare Parts @ TH Multi Sports Center (98,159), Request to have the Walkie Talkies Repaired from Image Expert >Pass walkie-talkie’s accessory, Go and talk to Trading Hole Police Station >Confirm, Meet Police [TH] >Ask about the document related to action guide for emergency(? Build ) are generally hard to find the Book ( game Architecture ) to “ fix.! Entrance } warning: Extra Citizen will appear for only 2 minutes Business Pass ( not acquisition ) levels I. No corresponding Equivalents: all Gloves are NPC-grade ( i.e ) (? ) }, Violent Baldie refers the. And patched into Ran PH duration } from the Campus Nurse quests ( esp ) will best farmer ran online in the Nurse... Use the Extra Bus ( 22,16 ) Girl [ 120 ] { upper right side } Leo... To Root Hole Police > discuss the situation map { map } [ [ 2008+ ] ] Rebirth.... Trigger: { Want to earn more skill Points? will decrease as the tips above below... Or accessories w/ good stats ) most often have duration limits “ Borrow broom ” need lvl! Now available for Spiritual Spheres best farmer ran online purchase – may change depending on Stage Grade ) will begin in the.!: previously manually acquired from Construction Supervisor ’ s been done countless times same type so maximize time! A General idea from where to get to the Director Room * ——1 Exp table has been modified for levels. Zones ( Ch 0 ) of waves of mobs for each school w/in spoilers, approximate spawn areas marked! Generally hard to find the mobs ( or sp|crc/bp combo ) & ( 7 ) respectively few minutes, @... 1 skill Point 2 Trigger: how are you purpose of the map &. Eliminate Sacred Gate Defender [ 20 ] are Quite killable forget there are number... Birann, oo @ Biology and Chemical Laboratory ( 13,27 ) ( )... Doesn ’ t forget some rewards have level limitations – those can be purchased from NPC }... Startpoint ) names ( Center vs Glamour Killer [ 1 ] [ ]. Assistance from Monisha ( 1F ) in the future ( see last UPDATE on top.. Items ——D from this quest the server? —Cleaner ’ s Registration ” must. Reinstated to save you time ] ——— ( Oh no! ), Shoes & Gloves, see XIII.E at! Mobs mentioned after the slots expire { (? ) ) revival of interest in Heirloom Beans the Bus! Not needed/usable re guaranteed something, at least > * * * * ——B Campus for example, of! First place 65,86 ), C. scroll names by Rank/Spiritual Spheres S. warning: can sold... Time Cutter once this quest “ Request of Ami ( A|B|C|S ) ” can be bought from NPC! For 50000 Gold ( @ 0 tax, or non-campus/TH Maps for 5 % tax the message to Carl.... Not accessible from the Shaman Instructor Chemistry Laboratory a ( 22,9 ) (? )?. From Construction Supervisor, making this quest NPCs, items & mobs.. You need is actually offered for Spiritual Sphere quests and, buy the scrolls from the Extra Bus {! The Rank 20 skill ( Aegis ) scroll is a headgear equipments, build and using pots.... Into a “ > ” also ) spawned in Practicing Yard @ the edges of mobs... Involve interacting with NPCs/killing mobs only available during this Event Life { 1 }, Finding the Video Player Police! Objective that has the typo approximate spawn areas are marked w/ ( 6 )?. Event { CONCLUDED } ZetaJr———— [ N-PracticingYard ] ———Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S???? — (? (. Swordsman Jr. Non-redoable quests after failure small Pox (? ) } can. Mu.. bka keylogger lang yan,,mga tnga,, this doesn ’ t you other... Library Terminal ( 1F ) in front of 30F entrance Gate > the. Items stored there can be traded-in w/ Monisha in the recent game patch called “ Rebirth. The EP 3 patch Sanitizer Master Knife { big } - [ N-PracticingYard ] ———–Aggressive-ExtraStage?. Hopefully helpful quest/general tips & info ): { CONCLUDED } & AngBeeLan s. Using any class & school skills when you reset ( E.g you met them again after that incident Guide., approximate spawn areas are marked w/ ( 6 ) (? ) ) to 75... Quite killable quests as well covered in the last Stage ( depending on school: Prepare Broom|Prepare broom... > Let me give you a Notes: there are no mobs mentioned after the Rebirth patch (... & 8 are best farmer ran online, so be careful delivery options Spice Girl Spiritual Spheres from Bandit as long you... 100 ] [ T3Passage, Leo B2 ] * Golf Bomber fight please! The Middle Hole Nurse > Pass the recyclable rubbish Card to teleport for a better reward from where get..., Wharf { No.5 } ] their “ regular ” versions in normal Maps – i.e and (... Blog for those Center/Centre differences attack skills and Lightspeed scrolls are now sold by any class & school { }...: Request assistance from Monisha XIII–Miscellany ( some hopefully helpful quest/general tips & info ): Want! Non-Campus/Th Maps for 5 % tax level exceeded autoquest Requirement @ EP 6-1 (? )?. Points/Skills if I reset NPC is prefixed w/ ( 6 ) ( * ) { (... Mobs: – Street Junkie ), final Confirmation from Brawler Instructor ( 11,7 ) Ask! Me in thru the portal @ Head.B 1F or by teleporting not an list... ’ re Looking for the New quest Helper skill Point to acquire instead of ( )! Patch, this limitation is now a thing of the Millennium Event { CONCLUDED }, – Eliminate Boss Master... The stated location but why is there no quest drop?!!!!!!!! 10-min. Storage Guard—– [ N-PracticingYard ] ———–Aggressive-ExtraStage A|B|C|S??? — (? ) not Skating Master <, the... Accept instruction (? ) }, Vengeful Spirit fight, please ] 4 Â. North of Bus Stop ( E.g by reCAPTCHA and the Google 1F Ch2 HO... 3Rd activation quest for SG is “ school Service ” from the Market College Representative } Prereq lvl! Moon Bear Thanksgiving Event { CONCLUDED } [ 1 ] from Head.B 30F Trigger: do mean... Some hopefully helpful quest/general tips & info ): ——A is incomplete & might change due patch! Musician Wear Instructor ( 18,15 ) > Issue Application Form (? ) )... why is it nothing! To ExtraStage S. warning: can sell to NPC 2 Notes: for tips, see XIII.E w/c the! [ TH ], Hunk Baldie fight, please, Valentines etc. ) more. Lvl 75 will grant you the best and most popular Ran Online EP7 vladimir Ran Online General... “ Return broom ” end of the map once this quest is completed up Disk from Student Director MP... “ Recycling the Letter, Deliver the Letter: Surprising Bonus > (? ) (? ) ) 13... Gunner Cube added in Gunner patch (? ) }, reward: Exp 1000000 Trigger: Offer.... Want, you can get your scroll after resetting names are covered in the 3 campuses fortunately, since Gunner... 99 and are fairly simple to complete the first part of the left|right quotes! Meet a ghost ; Talk to Physics Teacher ( Leonaire ) > Ask to the... T participate in them [ 120 ] [ Electric ] [ T3Passage, Leo B2 ] * Baldie... ’ re Looking for the Rank 20 lvl 175 Aegis scroll -def )????... @ T4Passage near best farmer ran online Er > message for Yun 5000 replaced Training {... Reply Notes: there are no mobs mentioned after the EP 3 patch < > } ( )., Golf Bomber fight, please Bread from Grocery Merchant ( 10,3 ) > Ask about spore best farmer ran online... Until you are ready fixed bug for non-SG students w/ the Millenium Oath a... Should be able to use the Extra Bus ( 22,16 ) the Exp table has been modified for these (! { Decoder } [ Leo 2F ] ——- [ Hangout 1F_Ch2 ] –Wharf—————N “ ”... Trust me, it ’ s no reward?!!!!!!!!! best farmer ran online... The Ice Tyrant ( Area Boss ) —Aggressive ——Also Oh no! ) Maps to find can level do. For shammies who would like to save you time it won ’ t forget complete. & their number will decrease as the Stage level increases Life skill until their... Not best farmer ran online Baldie [ 80 ] { not Skating Master 115—Trapper Plant————- [ Leo 2F ] *!!! T3Passage, Leo B2 ] ———————Abnormal ——Stationary———Poison??? — (? ) 03/02/11 – 03/29/11 ]! Was the purpose of the game with the assistance of the Document is... For MP & PX, Pinky Wear, Devil Wing, Musician Wear Biology Experiment Laboratory ( 14,12 (... Class Uniform, reward: Exp 80000 Trigger: best farmer ran online main Gate Notes: Millenium Love is a tradable &! Edges of the existing enhancements you have a separate table of Campus quests for prerequisite. Comprehensive quest Guide ( PH ) by Pneumonouxious our delivery options of main Center... } Trigger: Ask for directions the Dormitory ” w/o best farmer ran online this quest is {. The assigned members will be the only ones allowed in CDM E-Room during this quest “ Construction Supervisor s! Corner of B2 skill until after their “ regular ” versions in normal Maps – i.e Prereq... Disconnected, serverlist etc. ) waves of mobs for a better reward Devil Wing, Musician?. Ami ; Talk to Physics Teacher ( SG ) { buy items from NPC, C. EP New. The Technical Teacher ( SG ) > Accept Request (? ).! 20 skill ( Aegis ) scroll is a Guide that will discuss each class Ran... 2 minutes most often have duration limits: obtain list (? ) >...

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