keto avocado smoothie with heavy cream

But long story short, don’t worry so much about individual ingredients as fattening, but your dietary intake as a whole. Combine coconut milk, water, ice cubes, avocado, spinach, erythritol, MCT oil, and vanilla powder in a blender. I’ve had a Ninja blender for years and it’s never let me down. Jumbo straws are extra wide and accommodate the smoothie texture much better. What’s not to love about a creamy beverage bursting with flavor and micronutrients? Avocado is naturally creamy, bland in flavor Cut the avocado in half, remove the seed and remove the flesh from the skin. 1/2 medium avocado. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sugar free and high in good fats, it’s perfect for those on a healthy low carb keto diet. Pour the refrigerated avocado smoothie over crushed ice and sip away! It also contains 40% of your daily fiber needs and has a creamy texture that goes perfectly in smoothies. For liquids, avoid fruit juices in favor of plain water, unsweetened almond milk, or coconut milk. Required fields are marked *. Ingredient Options For A Keto Smoothie. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Your avocado smoothie will taste like the combination of ingredients you’ve mixed in, not necessarily like the avocado itself. I’m already giving it a five start rating, I know all your recipes are great so Can’t wait to try it. No, an avocado smoothie doesn’t have to be “fattening”. A perfect lunch for us, or afternoon snack for the Keto Kids! If it's … And yet… it’s a keto … Avocado isn’t a bold, in your face, ingredient, but instead is enhanced by other flavors it is combined with. Once you try our new . Each sweetener has its pros, cons, and flavor profiles, so you will definitely want to sweeten to taste with your sweetener of choice rather than dumping it all in at once. Add healthy fats, like So what to do with your leftovers? Healthy Recipes with Brown Rice and Black Beans, How to Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt or Milk, How to Make Smoothie Without Milk OR Yogurt, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Recipes Day 1-10, Easy dessert snack recipes with few ingredients, Healthy Raw Vegetable Appetizers (Low Carb,Vegan Keto), Vegetarian Brown Rice and Broccoli Recipe, Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes Zero Points. also gluten free. Your email address will not be published. Maintaining your weight and gaining or losing body fat is all about energy balance, even on the keto diet. Avocado is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The issue with saving your smoothie in the fridge for later is melting ice. Homemade avocado smoothie keto recipe is very easy to prepare and enjoy at home. Packed with superfoods, this keto smoothie is a healthy breakfast … Avocado adds creaminess and heart-healthy fats and MCT oil will boost your energy. Nick Martinez. The texture of the avocado is heavy, the flavor is light. Great question! ], Baked Stuffed Celery & Goat Cheese [Recipe], Low Carb Pork Chops in Crockpot with Spice Rub [Recipe], Keto Alfredo Sauce [Low Carb, Gluten Free], Salmon Florentine Recipe – Low Carb, Dairy Free. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. This is lick-the-blender good and Google-the-answers-for-an-exam easy. It does have a decent amount of calories due to the relatively high fat content, but so long as you are not overeating in general, you should not gain body fat by simply eating a portion of high-fat food. Once you try our new. If you are dairy-free and/or paleo, then use coconut cream. Avocado oil is also excellent in a smoothie. If you want to make an avocado smoothie the night before your best bet is to refrigerate, then mix very well in the morning to blend any separated layers back together. Ingredients. ), erythritol, or Stevia for good, keto-friendly sweeteners. Nutrition information is based on a single serving and is provided as a convenience for Ketogasm readers. Liquid - use Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Heavy Cream. When you peek at the total carb count, it may seem like avocados are just another high-carb food. wholesome and full of healthy fats … rich and thick; sweet; satisfying; filling; KETO! We’ve paired avocado up with unsweetened coconut milk, lime juice, sweetener, and ice to the make the creamiest, dreamiest, low What's in it: Ice. The simple blend of almond milk, spinach, avocado, coconut oil and vanilla protein comes out absolutely delicious and this breakfast smoothie is … If you’re following a ketogenic diet, most of your energy will come from fat as a result of lowering carbohydrate intake. Please try again. Creamy Keto Avocado Smoothie Ingredients 1/2 avocado (ripe, diced) 1 1/2 cup almond milk 1 cup baby spinach ½ tsp pure vanilla extract 1-2 Scoops of Multi Collagen Plus Instructions 1. Low carb diets don’t have to be boring! This makes for a surprisingly wonderful frozen treat, a sweet little keto dessert. All that’s left to do is drink up, buttercup! If you’re not dairy-free or paleo, you can swap out half the almond milk for heavy cream. You can even top it all off with some unsweetened whipped cream. We don't make these ALL the time, but when we do, we LOVE them! This detox smoothie is high in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds. Data may vary based on brand and recipe variation. KetoGasm is a website devoted to helping women customize a ketogenic lifestyle. A medium avocado has about 23 grams of fat packed into its light green flesh. Smoothies are very popular breakfast options. Place all ingredients into a blender. That’s why I teach keto strategies that honor your preferences and needs. I'd like to receive the free email course. Or you can thaw it just a bit and blend it back into a drinkable smoothie.

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